Yoofai Bualuang  
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        Sittara Spa , a cool word with the inspiration to be named of the spa. The first “Sit” comes from the name of the landlord “Sit- thiporn”, while the “tara” means the hydro which is the core of the Spa. Koon Sittiporn is the entrepreneur that trusts and believes in the trend of human take cares. Sittara Spa has a chance to be served the hadyai and songkhla people who understand in concept “wellness” in their lives.

       With the finest selection, Sittara Spa put all us effort to select the products and the treatments which has the best ingredients. Our policy focuses on safe and benefit for our customers. Most of our products and the treatments we used has the names on Spa Asia Magazine.

       At the Sittara Spa you deserved the best.

       We try to ensure you with the best trained staffs, and the calming place that certified by the Ministry of Health Organization standard. Moreover we would be up standard scale to be more international by taking course training from Chiva-Som Academy School to practice the staff with the worldwide acceptance. Not only the place, staffs and ingredients, we try to do the best selection. We will also provide the teashop “168 Tea Time” to serve you with best drink “coffee, tea, or juice”.

       At Sittara Spa we do all to make sure you get only the best things.